Past, present, and future


So I found this picture on Facebook and it was interesting to read. 3 out of 4 of these “don’t” still apply today (within M’s unit…).

A lot has changed over the years but I have enjoyed looking over the ads from “before my time”.  I enjoy anything involving history because it’s different.

It has also made me realize that the military has changed as well.  The uniforms have changed, some of the customs have changed, and the mission for the military has changed.

That is the past of our country.

The present is:

M’s mission has changed from what it used to be and my purpose in life has changed as well.

The future:

Changes are hard to deal with.

Question for you:

  • Has your purpose changed?
  • Changes are good or bad. How do you deal with the crazy changes (such as PCSing)?
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