The search for community

One of the things M and I have noticed since our move is that we lack community here. We have searched within our local church but when small groups do not meet close to our area (30 minutes minimum), it isn’t easy. Work schedules don’t help either.

We also don’t meet criteria for groups that do meet close to us, either as a couple or individually. For example,a young family small group meets less than 10 minutes from us but we don’t have children; MOPS isn’t somewhere I would fit in either.

With my new job, I can’t even attend PWOC here (I work close to the nearest active duty base here). We tried the Sunday school class for a bit but it is on summer break right now. It also didn’t fit our personal view of small group but we tried. šŸ™‚ Maybe we’ll give it a second try this fall….

It is hard to get re-adjusted to a new area, church and community in only a few weeks. šŸ™

Hopefully we can find something that will help us grow spiritually and as a couple that can fit our work and school schedules this semester.

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