Week recap

Traveling recap
Traveling recap from our recent move across the country (almost anyway).

To my new followers, I have not disappeared.

I have moved across the country (almost) and with that, have dealt with craziness.  It was not a three day move like originally planned due to some family issues but a one day, crazy car ride with a dog who slept and stuff packed to the brim.  And yes, we survived without really getting mad at each other! 😯

Our HHG should be here sometime this week so right now we are not homeless!! But we are without furniture and I am without a job (applications are out…).

It is just a weird transition for us right now.  M’s dad is getting older so we have moved in with him to take care of him while getting our finances straightened out in the midst of the transition.

It is a strange feeling that M is still active duty but does not go to work at all…our hound was confused during the first week here as she is accustomed to seeing him off early in the morning for PT.

M still does PT at 0630 at the school’s track in our neighborhood but not as intense due to his knee acting up a bit during the move here.

We have made great new friends here from the local Air Force base and we are still involved in the military community but also in the midst of becoming civilians after so many years.  M has been blessed with his first interview and waiting on his second interview for a job he applied for before the whole MEB/PEB process wrapped up.  Thankfully, we have a good amount in savings in the meantime and we are working on a new budget as we speak.

The weather is so different from what I’m used to but it is so welcoming! Cool mornings and cool evenings are just a blessing and there is green in this desert!

I will catch up soon but you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the meantime! 🙂


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