Sick, snow, and Pinterest

This is me right now ->

Being sick stinks so much!!

According to the news, it’s suppose to snow this weekend…snow in the desert is weird…but not weird as having snow in central Texas…
With that amazing weather to look forward to (having lived in DC makes me love the there..), the husband has said that we may not be able to go to the tree lighting this weekend if I am still sick…which bums me out..


I’m praying that I get better and I finish my school work for this’s a lot to do when you feel awful. šŸ™ But I’ve been blessed to have a great volunteer opportunity come my way which I will be answering to sometime this afternoon.Ā  This morning I’ll be finishing my Youversion reading plan and finish eating my breakfast/tea. Then to start on homework for the day…

But I really want to get an invitation to Pinterest!! I’ve been hearing it’s a great website and I still haven’t received an invitation even though I submitted my e-mail address about two months ago…maybe it takes a long time? I really hope not..

In a way, it’s good that I don’t have Pinterest right now because it would be a bad distraction…oh well, to wait it is.

I’ll be researching blog makeovers so if anyone has a suggest, please e-mail it to me. I will definitely appreciate it!

Have a great day!


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This week

This week so far has been hectic. It’s had it’s scary moments as well unfortunately. M called me and told me he was okay though, thank God. I scared him yesterday cause I told him what happened on the way back home; he asked me if I was alright. I was a bit shaken by the whole incident but thanking God that we were all okay.

It was a close call for me and the women I was with though; we didn’t see the driver and the car we were following with our friends in it almost flipped. We almost crashed because the driver decided to swerve into our lane as well. I called my mother and M’s mother to tell them I was okay.

M’s mother read my status on FB because I had put on there about being thankful for all of us being okay. I got her a bit worried and my mother kept asking me if I was okay. I slept okay, went to sleep close to 1 am though.

Overslept and didn’t go to church this morning šŸ™ Oh well, there is still a service available later today. I have a lot to do such as thinking of packing. The move back home will be interesting, to say the least. At least there won’t be any Northeastern winters there for me. I love the snow but it gets too hectic here.


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