Little Colorado River

LittleColoradoRiver1 Our last stop on our trip was a view of the Little Colorado River.  It was a very quick stop as it started to pour right after we got there.  We were able to see vendors selling various jewelry on the side of the road as well as the breathtaking views of the river below us.  I will say that I am not a fan of heights so M had to guide me to a safe distance (for me) in order to really take in the view of the river.  It was fun though.  This whirlwind trip was  worth the expense and time for us. 🙂

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The tracks of Tuba City

TubaCity Our last stop on our whirlwind trip was to Tuba City.  This is a small city that is near one of the Indian reservations in the area.  Our tour guide was very helpful and gave us detailed examples of what we were looking at.  If you love seeing dinosaur tracks, this is the city for you.

M had a blast even though he hadn’t been here in a very long time.  As a first time visitor, I was just fascinated by the whole view in front of me. 🙂

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Homolovi State Park


After our time in Canyon de Chelly, we stopped to visit Homolovi State Park.

We had never been to the park before so the layout was a bit confusing. However we were able to find a map easily and visit points of interests that didn’t require so much walking.

We did do some hiking but overall we just read up on the history of the Native American tribes that live in the area.

It was just a great place to relax for a bit though.

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{Review} Holiday Inn of Canyon de Chelle


M and I stayed in the Canyon de Chelly area and looked at Holiday Inn. I think it was the first time we stayed at a Holiday Inn and we were not disappointed. Our room was a pretty good size as well as inviting; no major issues with anything in the room.

We weren’t able to check in early but that worked in our favor as we explored Canyon de Chelly before it closed for the day.

The staff was very friendly and so wonderful in giving us directions/advice. Overall, it was not expensive to stay there since we used a government discount when we booked our stay there a few weeks before.

They had a nice restaurant in the lobby as well as a gift shop/soda station.

Highly recommend if visiting the area.

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