Help! I have to schedule my workouts :(



Yep, I sometimes have to invite myself to workout.

My schedule is so crowded with three things right now:

  • School
  • Work (full-time)
  • Life in general

I try to schedule my workouts around everything else but sometimes (I admit), I am too lazy to workout.

I would prefer to sleep in or do something else entirely like study for a major exam which in reality equals staring at a page for an hour, wondering why you decided to take this class to begin with. šŸ™

I love Zumba but I can’t go to a Ā Zumba class on post (“free” gym) or the local YMCA because both classes are offered at 9 a.m.

Which is a major issue for me right now as I start working around 7 a.m. (thankfully, from home) but it is a bummer.

So that is why I have to schedule my workouts. Ā Since I have a Wii, I use the Zumba fitness game but going to the class is fun in itself. šŸ™‚


How do you fit your workout time into your schedule?

What do you use to workout, besides walking/running?


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