This week

This week so far has been hectic. It’s had it’s scary moments as well unfortunately. M called me and told me he was okay though, thank God. I scared him yesterday cause I told him what happened on the way back home; he asked me if I was alright. I was a bit shaken by the whole incident but thanking God that we were all okay.

It was a close call for me and the women I was with though; we didn’t see the driver and the car we were following with our friends in it almost flipped. We almost crashed because the driver decided to swerve into our lane as well. I called my mother and M’s mother to tell them I was okay.

M’s mother read my status on FB because I had put on there about being thankful for all of us being okay. I got her a bit worried and my mother kept asking me if I was okay. I slept okay, went to sleep close to 1 am though.

Overslept and didn’t go to church this morning šŸ™ Oh well, there is still a service available later today. I have a lot to do such as thinking of packing. The move back home will be interesting, to say the least. At least there won’t be any Northeastern winters there for me. I love the snow but it gets too hectic here.


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